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A Revelation of the Rapture

In an everchanging world that constantly finds new ways of testing and challenging the pillars of Christianity and implicitly of our faith, The Rapture is a beautiful, complex alas forgotten topic for most. Timo Groot’s “A Revelation of the End Times: Why the Pre-Tribulation Rapture is Biblical” is one of the few original Bible sturdy workbooks acting as a spiritual guide while exploring the timeless question: is the Rapture of the Church a biblical principle?

Written in a reader-friendly manner, this Christian book insightfully tackles this remarkable prophecy from the Word of God, seeking to address the numerous end times events and providing its Biblical perspective about what future times hold. Groot’s Bible study guide goes a step further and covers important topics such as preparations for the Rapture, signs and events after The Coming, as well as the important fallacy regarding the similarities between the Rapture and the Second Coming.