“Can you teach the Rapture of the Church from the Bible?”

My name is Timo. I am a writer, Bible teacher, and have a growing ministry.

Before creating this rapture e-book, I found myself being tossed in all directions. One said the rapture of the church is not coming, and another said it is. This left me with almost no hope. Who should I trust and what will happen? The rapture is the important moment when believers are caught up into the air, before the great tribulation begins with all the misery. The world seems to be on fire more and more due to terrible persecution, wars, diseases and famines. Could it be that Christians will end up in the great tribulation? Would the rapture of the church then be a deception?

God asked me to make an e-book about the rapture. I didn't know where to start. There are only a few verses in the Bible about the rapture, right? During my search in the Bible, I discovered that there were not just a few verses, but that the rapture, from the Book of Genesis, is a Biblical prophecy. I would like to share this with you, so that you also know dozens of Bible texts that talk about the rapture. So that you can be sure that the rapture is a Bible fact and can take place at any time. And so that you know for sure that Jesus will return before the great tribulation.

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