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NL83 KNAB 0412 8583 47

You can also give your (periodic) gift directly via the account number below:
NL83 KNAB 0412 8583 47 attn. Timotheus media stating 'Gift', 'Tithe' or 'Partner'.

Name of the bank: Knab
Address: Thomas R. Malthusstraat 1-3, 1066 JR, Amsterdam

Intermediary bank:
Name of the intermediary bank: ABN Amro
Address: Gustav Mahlerlaan 10, 1082 PP, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Increase/decrease the gifts you give regularly:

If you are already a partner and you want to change your monthly amount, you can easily do this using the form below. We have processed this form within 1 week. Do you want to stop giving? Then enter 0 under 'Future amount'.

With your one-time gift or partnership, you can help build the following projects:

I want Living Gospel to use the best resources to proclaim God's kingdom in the Netherlands and the world. Below are some projects I am working on. When you give a gift, you help build these wonderful projects and ensure that more people are reached with God's gospel and education. The projects are first completed in Dutch, and possibly later in English.

From 2024, Living Gospel will upload 'YouTube shorts'. For each chapter of the Bible, a video of maximum 60 seconds is made that covers the chapter. Many young people who do not know the Bible come into contact with the Bible on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Development costs: $20 per video (Book Genesis therefore costs $1,000)

Making audiobooks. This allows more people to listen to the books. Consider, for example, people who cannot read (well) and people who want to hear God's teaching while cleaning or in the car.

Cost per book: $2,500 (estimated)

An English-language e-learning study about the end times and the online Bible school.

Cost to create an e-learning course: $1,000 to $1,500

I think it would be great if all our material became available in English. This allows us to reach many more people. If I have a book translated into English, it costs (estimated) an average of $1,750. So the total cost for three books is: $5.250

A book about God's kingdom is currently being translated. This is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2024.

In addition to the Bible School, I want to make assignment books for the books that you can purchase in the online store for a low price as a paperback book or as an e-book. This is very time-consuming, and I also incur various costs for this.

Costs to realize this: $600 per book

Will you help me reach people every month via online platforms, so that we can spread God's kingdom together? I already reach many people with the good news of God through online media. In addition, many people receive free Bible studies. Would you like to help me so that together we can reach many people every month? Monthly evangelism costs: $150

In addition, there are of course many other costs to consider, such as website costs, software costs, evangelism costs, etc., etc.

Would you like to help cover these costs (I actually prefer to talk about eternal investments in souls)? And would you like to help me reach many more people? Then become a partner! Together we will reap God's great harvest!

For the short term, my vision is to receive a total of $500 per month from partners who give monthly. This will really accomplish a lot!

What kind of partner will you become?

Are you blessed by this website, the (e) books or the social media channels and do you want to help me to reach many more people with the gospel of God? Then become a partner of Living Gospel or give a one -time gift. By becoming a partner, you build in God's kingdom, and you help reach people with the gospel of God.

All partners receive the e-books for free and partners from 15 dollars per month also receive the books for free at home*.

* From pizzapartner you receive free books. This only happens if Amazon delivers to your country and the shipping costs are not too expensive.

What happens to my gift/partnership?

We handle your gift carefully and reliably. We use your gift to reach people with God's gospel, to professionalize the website and our other channels and to add new materials, such as new e-books. By doing so, you help us to be a blessing in a world in need. It is our desire to help the world get to know God, both in Word and in power.

Vision and goals

It is important to know that The Living Gospel is current a Dutch ministry. These visions and goals are first realized in Dutch, and only over time in English.

Vision: Living Gospel wants to ensure that you live in the perfect grace of God, that you extend God's grace to those around you, and that you live in the perfect will and calling of God.

Grace: By grace I mean all of God's graces, including:

  • Forgiveness
  • Redemption and justice
  • Being in Christ
  • Intimacy with God
  • The baptism and fruits of the Holy Spirit
  • Deliverance (Freedom from demonic powers)
  • Healing
  • Provision and prosperity
  • Tongues
  • A life in authority.

Perfect Will and Calling: This is God's specific calling and plan for your life. Living Gospel wants to teach and train you to know and carry out God's plan for your life.

Company details

Country: Netherlands
Name: Timotheus media
City: Assendelft, North Holland
KVK-number (Business number): 84550600