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My name is Timo Groot. I am a writer, Bible teacher and have a growing social media business. Since 2020 I have been creating faith building videos, studies, posts and much more. It's nice to build God's kingdom!

Suppose Jesus came not 2,000 years ago but today. He was born in Israel and travels there. The news often talks about Him. How is it possible that everyone who touches Him is healed and the greatest miracles happen? The news is doing everything they can to expose Him. This isn't possible, is it? A neighbor who is seriously ill believes in Him. He takes a plane to Israel, touches Jesus and is completely healed of his illness! When this happens, it makes you think. Maybe you are sick, have a lot of fears or need deliverance. You then think: 'If my neighbor is healed, then I must also touch Jesus and I too will be healed of my ailments.' There is a good chance that you too will invest in a trip to Israel. Because who knows, you too might have the chance to touch and heal Jesus... But unfortunately Jesus lived 2,000 years ago and we don't physically find Him in Israel... End of story, right?

No! Jesus is not physically in Israel, yet He heals and delivers many people every day! He does this through His followers and He also wants to heal or set you free! It is the job of believers to heal the sick and cast out demons. So there is hope for this world, there is hope for the sick and there is hope for the bound. You will learn exactly how this works in this package! See what others are saying about this package below:

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De zegeningen van God

The blessings of God are abundant and numerous. Learn to recognize His blessings and discover how God wants to distribute these blessings to His children.

de opdrachten van God

The assignments of God apply to all believers. God has given everyone tasks to spread His kingdom and distribute His blessings.

Geestelijk koninkrijk en duizendjarig vrederijk

Discover the differences between the spiritual and the millennial kingdom. Jesus is King over you now, but will return as King over the world in the future.

I am Timo Groot, the founder of The Living Gospel and Timotheus media. I live in the Netherlands. Currently, I am working on this website and the books on my own. Since I was eight years old, I have experienced that the Holy Spirit draws me to study the Bible. That year was the first time I had read the Bible from cover to cover, and over time I read it more and more times. I have a love for God and God's Word and I want to share God's Word with anyone who is interested. Many who read the book think that I am an older man who has had his whole life behind him. This is not true. You may think I'm old, but I was only born in 1999. I currently do everything voluntarily and have a part-time job in addition to everything I do for The Living Gospel. I have a desire to build God's kingdom full-time and that time will surely come! I want to see the world changed and the world overflowed with the knowledge and power of God. People need Jesus, but many don't know it yet. I want, with God's power, to reach people so that they make a radical choice for Jesus. I also want to train people to evangelize and walk in God's kingdom.

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