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My name is Timo. I am a writer, Bible teacher, and have a growing ministry.

Before creating this e-book, I found myself being tossed in all directions. One said the rapture of the church is not coming, and another said it is. One believed in a literal thousand-year kingdom of peace in the future, and the other did not. Then you also had people who believed in a 3.5-year tribulation, 7-year tribulation or no tribulation.... This left me with almost no hope and I didn't know if there was a Biblical basis for the end times. Who should I trust and what will happen? Finally, the world seems to be burning more and more with terrible persecution, wars, diseases and famines. Could the end times have already begun?

God asked me to make an e-book about the end times and in particular about the rapture and Second Coming. I didn't know where to start. There are only a few verses in the Bible about the rapture, right? And there are so many visions of the Second Coming, right? How can I create an e-book? During my search in the Bible I discovered that there were not a few verses about the rapture and second coming, but that the rapture and second coming are a Biblical prophecy from the book of Genesis onwards. I discovered dozens of texts in the Bible that talk about the rapture and second coming. I discovered that the rapture is a Bible fact and can happen at any time. I also discovered that signs of the Second Coming are yet to occur. With this e-book you will also know for sure what the Bible says about the rapture, second coming and end times. See what others say about the e-book below.

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When you read my e-book about the rapture and second coming, you will gain a deep understanding of the end times. You will discover what the Bible says about the end times, what God's plan is for the future of the world and when Jesus will return.

"This book discusses our good ways of living for the end times"

Discover how God wants you to live today so that He can say to you, “Well done, my faithful servant!”

The rapture of the church is the next important part of God's plan. Jesus returns to get His bride and celebrate the wedding feast in heaven. What will this be like?

The Second Coming of Christ is the moment when Jesus returns to earth as a victor. He conquers the devil and the antichrist and Jesus establishes a new kingdom on earth, full of peace, prosperity and health.

Also learn why there is a great tribulation, what the thousand-year kingdom of peace entails and what we do in it, what God's judgments will be and what the new heaven and the new earth look like.

I am Timo Groot, the founder of The Living Gospel and Timotheus media. I live in the Netherlands. Currently, I am working on this website and the books on my own. Since I was eight years old, I have experienced that the Holy Spirit draws me to study the Bible. That year was the first time I had read the Bible from cover to cover, and over time I read it more and more times. I have a love for God and God's Word and I want to share God's Word with anyone who is interested. Many who read the book think that I am an older man who has had his whole life behind him. This is not true. You may think I'm old, but I was only born in 1999. I currently do everything voluntarily and have a part-time job in addition to everything I do for The Living Gospel. I have a desire to build God's kingdom full-time and that time will surely come! I want to see the world changed and the world overflowed with the knowledge and power of God. People need Jesus, but many don't know it yet. I want, with God's power, to reach people so that they make a radical choice for Jesus. I also want to train people to evangelize and walk in God's kingdom.

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